About My Practice

My Goal

I opened my practices with a single, overarching goal: to help patients achieve optimal health and wellness at all ages — even to slow or reverse the symptoms of ageing. My patients are seeking help and advice regarding such issues as weight loss, healthy aging, bioidentical hormone replacement, menopause, andropause, expert nutritional testing and guidance, diagnosis and treatment of chronic illness, detoxification, and more. I strive to provide the means for patients to achieve these goals.

Functional Medicine

Our current medical system is not designed to create wellness or to effectively prevent disease. It is designed to diagnose and treat the symptoms of disease when it is in its final or acute stage. However, it’s much easier — and healthier — to prevent disease than to cure it. My goal is not only to diagnose disease in its early stages when it can be more easily reversed, but, more importantly, to prevent it before any damage occurs. I use the techniques of functional medicine to optimize the functions of the body systems. While I do use traditional drugs when necessary, I focus on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and individualized fitness and nutrition plans, and also employ the targeted use of nutritional supplements and scientifically tested natural medicines to achieve health objectives that are not possible with standard pharmaceuticals. My focus on fitness and nutrition is especially important. When you become a patient, you will learn in detail exactly what, how, how much, and when to eat in order to achieve your best health.

How You Can Benefit

The beauty of my method is that we can help make everyone healthier, regardless of their condition. Some will be cured; everyone will have an improvement in their health and a better understanding of their illness and how their lifestyle impacts it.

About Me

As a hormone therapy expert and the medical director of both BodyLogicMD of Naples and BodyLogicMD of Tampa, Florida, I dedicate both practices to anti-aging medicine, customized nutrition and fitness programs to help women and men resolve menopausal and andropausal symptoms, including weight gain, sexual dysfunction, declining energy levels, and stress. I offer my patients wellness options using bioidentical hormones and devote my practice to preventive medicine and wellness through BodyLogicMD Naples, Florida and BodyLogicMD Tampa, Florida.

-Robert Rubin, MD, Tampa & Naples Bioidentical Hormones Expert

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